Habitat Interfaith Partnership (HIP)

On-line Registration & Scheduling Instructions

Who can register:

  1. Anyone 18 years or older.
  2. Anyone 16-18 years old with permission. See the Rochesterhabitat.org site for the permission slip.
  3. Anyone 14-16 years old, with permission and on dates we will specify for suitable work such as building the shed and landscaping. Participants will not be allowed to work with power tools.


Step 1: Register as a Volunteer

  • If you registered as a volunteer for the 2013 house build you will not need to re-register, so you can go directly to “Step 2” when you are ready to Schedule Your Day to Work.
  • Read through the instructions and at the end click on the Link to Flower City Signup Calendar.
  • Click on the Log In tab.
  • As a “New (unregistered) Volunteer”, click on the button marked “Register” and it will take you to a page to fill in personal information including emergency contacts.
  1. Fill in the “Volunteer Profile” information requested -- note that fields marked by an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED and all other fields are optional;
    When entering your “Last Name” immediately follow it with ( _ _) your groups initials as listed below. It identifies your particular group. Christ Episcopal (CE), First Presbyterian (FP), Islamic Center (IC), Mount Olivet (MO), Pittsford Mendon HS (PM), Pittsford Rotary (PR), St. Louis (SL), ST. Pauls (SP), Temple Sinai (TS). Remember to use the parenthesis! Example: Brown (FP)
    Please note that if you are previously registered, FCHH will update your profile with your proper group initials following your last name.
  3. After “Group / Teams”, click the check box for “Faith Coalitions: Habitat Interfaith Partnership” (i.e. the 5th box down in the left column);
  4. You may skip the “Interests and Skills” fields in the “Committees,” Construction,” “Office,” and “Special Events” sections, as well as the “Additional Opportunities” and “Miscellaneous” fields. You do not need to have any skills to volunteer as the on-site construction supervisor will teach you whatever you need to know for the job at hand.
  5. After entering the required Volunteer Profile information, click the button marked Register at page end.
  6. Find “Registration Complete” message at the top of page. This confirms that you have successfully completed your registration.
  • You now have the option to:
  1. Immediately schedule your day(s) to work by clicking on “Click Here,” which takes you to the “Volunteer Up” page where you will click on “Flower City Habitat – Rochester NY,” taking you to the Construction Calendar – Note that the HIP construction schedule is not expected to be available on the web site until May 24th.
  2. Exit the web site and return at a later time to schedule your day(s) to work.


Step 2: Sign UP Instructions: Schedule Your Day to Work (Signup begins May 24, 2016)


  • Read through these instructions and at the end click on the Link to Flower City Signup Calendar.
  • Log in with your registered user name and password. If you have forgotten your username or password click on “forgot user name/password” and they will email your information per the email address they have for you on file.
  • Click on the month of interest under Volunteer Opportunities at the top of the page, e.g. June 2016.
  • Do not use your “back” button to navigate through Volunteer Up. Use the “Update” or “return” buttons to return to previous screens and/or the calendar to ensure your information is submitted properly.
  • Locate the column for construction of the HIP house. Construction days are Tuesday through Saturday with Tuesday being a ½ day from 12 PM to 4 PM.
  • You may sign up for any date that is open on our calendar, so find an open work date when you would like to work and click on the box for that date.
  • We have exclusive signup for our coalition until 2 weeks prior to the date, after which it is open to anyone registered with FCHH.
  • Check to see that volunteers are still needed for that day as indicated under “Vols/Guests Needed” (on top right corner of page). The max number of volunteers to be slotted to work each day is 6. Those already signed up to work are listed under “Participants” at the bottom of the page.
  • If volunteers are still needed, then check the “Select Shift” box.
  • You may ignore the field for “Group Name.”
  • Choose a date for your “Email Reminder.”
  • Read the rest of the information on the page and click the button marked Signup.
  • A confirmation page will be displayed which you can print or email.
  • You will receive instructions as to where to meet for orientation that morning (which may not be our house) and then sent to our worksite. If less than 4 people are registered for a particular date, you may be assigned to work on a house other than our HIP house.

Step 3: To Cancel Your Scheduled Day to Work (At least 48 hours in advance)


  • Go to the HIP website, click on the tab “Sign Up Instructions”, and click on the Link to Flower City Signup Calendar as directed in Step 1.
  • Click on the tab Login and login with your registered user name and password.
  • Click on the appropriate month.
  • Locate the column for construction of the HIP house.
  • Find the date you have signed up for.
  • Click on the box for that date.
  • Click the button marked Delete Signup.
  • Click the button marked Return to go back and select another date or Log Off.

NEED HELP WITH REGISTERING OR SCHEDULING? Call Bob Scholl at 585-472-5067 or Dianne Brown at 585-398-7083